Roxas City – The Management subsequent to Interim Board of Directors’ approval on the MRWD Newsletter proposal has issued Office Order No. 2013-01-05 dated January 28, 2013 creating for an Editorial Staff Composition to work on the aforesaid publication. The Editorial Staff led by the District’s Information Officer and Editor-in-Chief, Mr. Dante Arcangeles, has been tasked to come up with a quarterly issue printed medium which features the District’s operations and services. It shall include among others news and updates on the recent program and activities of the water utility and as well as relevant articles or write ups catering to various customer-service oriented concerns. Accordingly, the Team has already convened last February 05, 2013 to discuss important matters relative to the District’s official newspaper. Also, during its first staff meeting, members have signified to commence on each assigned task as a head start. With this development, the Management is thrilled to yet to see the success of this endeavor for the betterment of public service.

MRWD Newsletter MRWD Newsletter

The members of the Editorial Staff are identified and chosen from among the District’s employees with each Division represented. The composition is as follows:
Mr. Dante A. Arcangeles – Editor-in-Chief
Ms. Ethel Marie L. Arquisola – Associate Editor

• Mr. Angelo D. Ciudadano – Office of the General Manager/IBOD
• Ms. Donnalee D. Deondo – Administrative Division
• Ms. Shalmahr B. Vito – General Services Division
• Ms. Jesserie Clorion – Accounting, Budget & Cash Division
• Ms. Ruth L. Jamora – Accounting, Budget & Cash Division
• Mr. Michael Aguilos – Customer Services Division
• Engr. Reynold Andrada – Customer Accounts Division
• Engr. Riann Brillo – Construction & Maintenance Division
• Mr. Francis Jocson – Planning & Design Division
• Engr. Allan Alcorano – Production & Maintenance Division
• Ms. Victoria V. Pabelonia – Quality Control Division
• Mr. Herbert Roxas – Quality Control Division

Graphic Designers/Photographers:
• Mr. Henden P. Alimen – Office of the General Manager/IBOD
• Ms. Catherine Basa – Planning & Design Division
• Ms. Rona Lamerez – Accounting, Budget & cash Division
• Mr. Leo Leonor – Customer Accounts Division
• Mr. Rommel B. Sario – IT Consultant