Roxas City Water District (RCWD) was formed on October 29, 1976 by virtue of Sangguniang Panlungsod Resolution No. 45, Series of 1976. After submission of required documents for the formation, the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA), issued the Conditional Certificate of Conformance (CCC) No. 032 on January 20, 1977.

The water supply system of Roxas City was originally constructed in 1929 with the Catao Dam as the main source of water. In 1955, the Catao Dam was improved to increase supply and abandoning the deepwell due to saline intrusion. In 1975, new distribution line were laid and the Panay River was tapped P100,000.00 for metering of 560 service connections. From 1977 to 1995, LWUA granted a total of P68.282M. A grant of P10.0M was also granted by the late Congressman Dinggoy Roxas. The total of P78.282M financial assistance to the Water District was the key factor of having an improved quality of water available to the increasing consumers of Roxas City and its suburban areas. The name of the Water District was changed to Metro Roxas Water District when the two municipalities, Panay and Ivisan were annexed in 1988. The Panitan WD was likewise annexed in 1998.

The loan and grant of P78.282M were utilized for the construction of the Water facilities.


Pioneer Board (during the formative years). . . .

Engr. Jose E. Borda, Chairman (Business)
Atty. Antonio Ortiz,Vice-Chairman (Civic)
Mrs. Juana B. Javier, Member(Women’s)
Dr. Eduardo Abalo, Member (Professional)
Mr. Rogelio J. Solito, Member(Education).



The Transformation Process . . .

The Lawaan WTP was conceived since the RCWD time, that on January 1981 LWUA granted a P12.12M worth for a Water Treatment construction at Sitio Arkabalo, Brgy. Lawaan, Roxas City with a capacity of 7,880 cubice meter per day. It became fully operational but somehow the water becomes salty during dry season due to salt water intrusion in the source.

0n March 27, 1987, LWUA again granted an additional loan of P44.062M for the Construction of Paslang Pumping Station in Panitan. Reinforced Concrete Reservoir in Culasi, an additional of 28 kilometers of new transmission and distribution lines and rehabilitation of the old distribution network. On its completion on July 8, 1989 an improved quality of water was made available for the consumers of the Metro Roxas Water District – which was renamed on June 14, 1988.

Panay and Ivisan municipalities Water System was annexed to RCWD on April 1988 and on March 2004 Panitan Water District was annexed to MRWD.

The declaration of the Supreme Court as well as the WD’s in the country. From then on, MRWD became a recipient of various national awards, both from the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) and the Philippines Association of Water Districts (PWAD).