To be the best water provider in the Philippines through excellent customer service, sustainable water resources, and pro-active role in the environment protection and preservation.


Mission Statement

  • To help in the upliftment of the quality of life and enhancement of economic activities in the province of Capiz through the delivery of safe, adequate and affordable water;
  • To build and maintain an economically viable organization responsive to the needs of our customers;
  • To constantly promote career advancement, gender equality and welfare of our employees.


MRWD Credo

  • WE BELIEVE In the binded spirit of mission and purpose of our District, to serve and satisfy the public by providing adequate potable water;
  • WE BELIEVE As employees, that we have our every individual contribution by performing out task designed to our capabilities;
  • WE BELIEVE That every employee must abide and protect the laws and norms of conduct with morale existing within and outside our management; That each one must strive in every oppurtunities arising from all challenges in our diversified services aimed toward success;
  • WE BELIEVE That prayers, love and unified action with Divine intervention can help our ideals amidst the risk of convictions in our daily pursuit and performance;

    That each one has gifts, talents and creativeness endowed by the Sovereign Almighty, That the same be shared in the needs and necessities it ought to be extended;

    That exercising together our common aspirations, complimented by collective involvement,is a realization of our ultimate destiny.