Metro Roxas Water District (MRWD) formerly known as Roxas City Water District (RCWD), was formed on October 29, 1976 by virtue of Sangguniang Panlungsod Resolution No. 35, Series of 1976 in pursuant to PD 198. After complying with the requirements, the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) issued a Conditional Certificate of Conformance (CCC) No. 032 on January 20, 1977.

Its original water supply system could be traced back in 1929 with Catao Dam and Sibaguan Deep well as the main sources of water. In 1955, Catao Dam was improved to increase water supply while Sibaguan Deepwell was abandoned due to saline intrusion. In 1975, new distribution line were laid and Panay River was tapped to improve the water supply.

From a small potable water service provider with only 1,152 service connections in 1976, MRWD struggled to become a large category water district and has 17,634 service connections as of December 2006 serving practically all barangays of Roxas City and three other nearby municipalities.

To serve our best, MRWD continuously improve and maintain its transmission lines, distribution network, reservoirs and treatment plant, as well as develop the skills of its employees by sending them to attend technical seminars to update themselves with the current trends in water utility service technology. In 2007, the new 30,000 cu.m. per day water treatment plant in Paslang, Brgy. Salocon, Panitan became operational with the technical and financial assistance from JBIC thru Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA).

Water Source

MRWD’s main source of water is the Panay River, it also has three other alternative water sources; the deep wells, spring and impound Dam.

Water Quality

MRWD produced safe and potable water that conforms with the Philippine National Standards for Drinking Water.

Water Treatment Plant

Process Flow Diagram

The new water treatment plant has a quality control laboratory with state of the art technology equipment that can analyze the physical, chemical and bacteriological qualities of the water.

Monitoring of raw, in-processed and finished water is performed on an hourly basis. While sanitary survey is performed daily at the farthest point of the distribution line to monitor the residual chlorine.

Service Connections

City/Municipality Connections Pop. Served Population
Roxas City 14,319 100,233 135,047
Panay 2,156 15,092 42,670
Panitan 647 4,529 39,369
Ivisan 512 3,584 25,493
Total 17,634 123,438 242,579

Service Data

Total Service Connections 17,634
Est. Total Population Served 123,438
Percent Est. Total Population Served 50.89%
Collection Efficiency 92.00%
Per Capita/Day Consumption 25.00%
Manpower to Service Connection Ratio 1:100

Major Projects

MRWD, with the technical and financial assistance of the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) has just completed its expansion projects:

  • The new 30,000 cu.m. per day water treatment plant in Paslang, Brgy. Salocon, Panitan, Capiz.
  • The construction of (2) reservoirs at Arcabalo, Roxas City and Sta. Cruz, Ivisan with a combined capacity of 1,000 cu. m.
  • The construction of the new 108 km. distribution lines, and
  • The construction of 9 km. 600 mm transmission line from Paslang to Roxas City.

With the completion of the aforementioned expansion projects MRWD is now capable of serving as much as 35,000 service connections or it can accommodate twice its current service connections.

Plans and Programs

MRWD has already attained 100% service coverage in the City of Roxas including its Brgy. Island of Olotayan. It is also serving the three municipalities of Ivisan, Panitan and Panay with service coverage of 50%, 60 % and 80% respectively. The municipality of Sigma will also be served by MRWD Through a Municipal Bulk Water Supply once construction of their water system is completed. Moreover, MRWD is working closely with other interested LGUs for possible annexation. Subdivision developers are invited to apply for their service pipeline extension so as to address their water requirements and with the assurance of water potability.

Old and dilapidated distribution pipelines in Roxas City will be replaced, leaks will be repaired and violators of illegal connections will be apprehended to address the problems on Water Accountability and to reduce if not eliminate Non-revenue Water.

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