1. How do I apply for a new water service connection, what are the requirements, what are the fees or charges ? Applying for new service connection starts with the investigation(applicant’s must fill out the form for the sketch or location of the area concern). Documentary requirements is within the checklist given at MRWD office . Fees and charges varies accordingly , with the result/computation by the investigator.
          Downloadable Forms:
        2.  How do I apply for a reconnection? Requirement for reconnection is one(1) valid identification from the applicant. If the applicant is not on the registered account, he or she have to present an authorization letter or any document relevant to the transaction with one(1) valid identification of the person from the registered name.
        3. How do I pay for my water bill and other charges, and where?Either by visiting :MRWD main office at Km.1, Roxas City;
          Sub-collecting office at Calle Revolucion, Panay, Capiz
          Accredited banks: DBP, LandBank, UCPB,Veterans Bank,Producers Bank
          ECPay partners: GCash, PayMaya, Cliqq,7-11, RD Pawnshop, Koks, Gemmary Pawnshop
        4. How do I know my water bill and last payment?Customers can check his or her water bill and last payment online via the MRWD’s website at: https://bill.metroroxaswd.gov.ph
        5. What are the water rates for Residential/Government/Commercial and Bulk Sales Classification? Customers can acquire the list of water rates at the PACD area of MRWD main office or from any personnel at the New Service Connection & Customer Care Division.
        6. Why is there a meter rental charge monthly? Meter rental applies to new water service connection to defray them from paying the actual price of the water meter during the application. As the name implies, concessionaires are required to pay the rental charge of P25.00 monthly as long as his or her account is active or in use.
        7. How do I apply/renew my senior citizen discount, what are the requirements? Application for senior citizen discount requires the applicant’s senior citizen valid identification and a barangay clearance. The subjected account must be under the applicant’s name for at least six months prior to its application- to avail the 5% allowance within the allocated 30 cu.m. cons. If the applicant is a representative, he or she must present an authorization letter with the senior citizen’s id, his or her identification with a photo of the elderly holding a latest issue of any magazine. Renewal is within the year after its expiration.
        8. How do I complain for leakages, low water pressure, line repair & other water related concerns. For complaint, request & other water-related concerns, customers need to visit the MRWD office or log-in to MRWD’s website, Facebook account or other online channels. He or she must state his or her exact account nos.,location & other relevant information needed for the resolution of his or her requests and complaints.
        9. What are the contact/hotline numbers for MRWD? MRWD Main office: Trunkline:(036)6210-044
          Fax Line:(036) 6217-392
          BAC Office: (036) 6217-492
          Information: (036) 522-1161
        10. How do I keep myself updated from MRWD’s advisories and updates? By logging in to MRWD’s Website at https://metroroxaswd.gov.ph
          Email address at [email protected] or at Facebook page at Metro Roxas Water District
          You can register your cellphone number to receive bill & payment notifications, advisories and MRWD updates via our free SMS service at https://sms.metroroxaswd.gov.ph