Metro Roxas Water District

Data Privacy Policy

Metro Roxas Water District (MRWD) upholds the right to privacy of its data subjects. This Privacy Policy governs the collection, processing, storage and disclosure of personal information of the data subjects when transacting with MRWD to comply with the requirements of the data Privacy Act, otherwise known as Republic Act no. 10173.

MRWD abides by the provisions of Republic Act no. 10173, otherwise known as the data Privacy Act governing the collection, processing, storage, and disclosure of personal information of its customers collected through filled out forms, letters, electronic messages, contracts and legal documents, conversations, or through its website, to be used for legal purposes only to determine eligibility for connection and for benefits provided by law, to disseminate information relating to water service operations, to respond to the customer’s inquiry or complaint, to enable acceptance of bill payments in accordance with the customer’s preferred payment mode, and other purposes in connection with the provision of water services.

These data are stored in a secure location and shall not be disclosed to third parties without the express permission of the customer, except in cases mandated by law such as when required by law or the data Privacy Act, upon reasonable request of government regulators, upon a court order, or upon the engagement of date intermediaries or subcontractors to assist in its activities, which shall be covered by a Non Disclosure Agreement.


MRWD collects personal information from its data subjects that may be provided or delivered to MRWD through whatever means, whether by analog or electronic means, such as but not limited to filled-out forms, letters, contracts, legal documents, telephone conversations, or face to face meetings or messages received by MRWD contained in email messages, short messaging service messages, electronic messaging services, mobile applications, or through the MRWD website (, or those sent through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, as well as other information technology applications that may now or hereafter be used for communication.

These personal information may be collected during the ordinary course of business of MRWD such as when accepting applications for water service connections, reconnection, termination, billing, payment, or collection and may include names, addresses, contact details, and other identification particulars such as official identification cards, membership data, use of products and services, transaction activity, patterns, account history, as well as financial, educational, and demographic data.

  • Description of the personal data to be entered into the system
  • Exact Purposes for which they will be processed (such as for direct marketing, statistical, scientific etc.)
  • Basis for processing, especially when it is not based on your consent
  • Scope and method of the personal data processing
  • Recipients, to whom your data may be disclosed
  • Methods used for automated access by the recipient, and its expected consequences for you as a data subject
  • Identity and contact details of the personal information controller
  • The duration for which your data will be kept
  • You also have to be informed of the existence of your rights as a data subject.

MRWD collects the following personal information from the following categories of data subjects:

  1. Prospective and existing customers

MRWD collects, stores, processes, and analyzes the information that a data subject provides from the following sources:

  1. Information in filled-up application form(s) for water services, whether initial application, reconnection, or others, that may contain the name, address, telephone number, tax identification number, and such other information of the data subject that may be required for the purpose of proving legal ownership, possession, or occupancy over the premises served by the water service. MRWD will not collect sensitive information unless required by applicable law(s);
  2. Billing and payment information used to pay for water charges. However, payments made through banks are captured and processed by the specific payment service of the bank and are governed by the applicable payment service’s privacy policy;
  3. Information provided to avail of the senior citizen’s discount as well as other statutory benefits that may be applicable;
  4. Information provided in customer surveys;
  5. Information communicated to MRWD through analog or electronic means whether in the form of letters, telephone conversations, email, SMS and other electronic messaging services, messages to its website, as well as those sent through social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as other information technology applications that may now or hereafter be used for communication, relating to meter or billing complaints, reporting of leaks, water quality, pressure, and availability concerns, and such other information voluntarily provided at the point of collection of such information.
  6. Active and separated employees
  7. Information contained in the curriculum vitae, resume, application letter, and other information that may be provided to MRWD;
  8. Information gathered from selection interviews, written skills tests, assessment results, character references, and such other information that MRWD may collect necessary for recruitment decisions or to assess the suitability of applicants for positions in MRWD;
  9. Information collected during the course of employment such as work history, payroll information, information pertaining to statutory remittances including, but not limited to, SSS, PhilHealth, Pag-Ibig, taxes, health benefits, beneficiaries, emergency contact information, trainings, performance evaluations, and such other information contained in an employee’s 201 file;
  10. Any other information provided at the point of collection of such information.
  11. Suppliers, vendors, and consultants
  12. Information submitted for purposes of accreditation or vetting of credentials that may include the name of the supplier, vendor, or consultant, as well as other information such as business address, contact numbers, SEC registration and documentation, financial reports to determine capacity to provide products or services, and other information that may be required by law and existing rules and regulations on appropriations and other government transactions;
  13. Any other information provided at the point of collection of such information.
  14. Guests and visitors
  15. Information provided such as name, address, telephone number, purpose of visit, and vehicle plate number that may be provided by the data subject or gathered by the security services of MRWD;
  16. Any other information provided at the point of collection of such information.


MRWD stores, processes, and analyzes the information that a data subject provides for the following purposes:

  • Prospective and existing customers
    • To determine the eligibility of a prospective customer for a water service connection, in particular the legal ownership or right to possession or occupancy over the premises to be served by a water meter;
    • To determine the eligibility of a prospective or existing customer to a senior citizen’s discount and other benefits that are now or may hereafter be mandated by law;
    • To improve the services of MRWD;
    • To meet the purpose(s) for which a data subject submitted the information and any information relating thereto such as but not limited to water service interruptions, updates, and alerts and to respond to inquiries, concerns, and complaints;
    • To enable MRWD to accept bill payments according to a data subject’s preferred payment mode;
    • All other purposes in connection with MRWD’s provision of water services.
  • Active and separated employees
    • For purposes of recruitment and evaluation of employees;
    • For determination of salaries and wages, deductions, entitlements, and benefits;
    • For maintaining employment records and complying with applicable statutory and regulatory submissions;
    • For processing employee work-related claims;
    • For human relations concerns including, but not limited to administering disciplinary actions, conducting performance reviews, establishing appropriate training, and developmental interventions;
    • All other purposes concerning employment concerns.
  • Suppliers, vendors and consultants
    • For supplier or vendor accreditation;
    • For vetting of credentials;
    • For establishing business relationships and facilitating the payment of invoices for goods delivered or services rendered;
    • For maintaining or updating vendor/supplier account information;
    • For complying with legal and regulatory requirements.
    • All other purposes concerning procurement concerns.
  • Guests and visitors
    • For establishing the identity of guests and visitors and recording the purpose of the visit and other security purposes;
    • For monitoring of activities within the Company premises.


MRWD shall share personal information acquired in the following instances:

  1. When MRWD has the consent of data subject, whether express or implied, provided that the use or processing of personal information is compatible with the purpose for which the same was collected;
  2. On a need-to-know basis, with individuals employed by MRWD who have a legitimate business or supervisory interest in the personal information, and
  3. Where it is necessary to meet the purpose(s) for which such data subject has provided the Personal information.

In cases where MRWD engages the services of a third party contractor to assist with its activities, such third party is contractually bound to keep the personal information confidential.


Personal data shall not be disclosed to third parties except under the following circumstances:

  1. When required by law or by the DPA;
  2. Upon reasonable request of government regulators;
  3. When there is written consent obtained from the data subject;
  4. Where MRWD has engaged a third party such as data intermediaries or subcontractors specifically to assist with its activities. Any such engagement shall be covered by Non-Disclosure or Confidentiality Agreements.


MRWD undertakes to make reasonable efforts to ensure that the Personal data that it collected or was collected on its behalf is accurate and complete.


Under and in accordance with the terms of this Data Privacy Policy and upon a valid written request by the data subject, MRWD undertakes:

  1. to provide the data subject with access to his personal information; and
  2. to correct an error or omission in a data subject’s personal information in the possession or control of MRWD subject to verification and confirmation using official records or documents that will show the error of the data collected.

Data subjects who wish to gain access to their Personal information may send their request to [email protected].


MRWD has implemented a Network Access Control and has installed encryption tools to prevent unauthorized data security breaches.

MRWD undertakes to implement reasonable and appropriate organizational, physical, and security measures to protect personal information against any accidental or unlawful destruction, alteration and disclosure, as well as against any other unlawful processing.


MRWD will keep personal information for as long as necessary:

  1. to fulfill the declared, specific, and legitimate purposes for which the personal information is received; or
  2. for the exercise of legal or business purposes that are consistent with the standards established or approved by the relevant government authorities.

Thereafter, MRWD will cease to retain the Personal information, which shall then be disposed of or discarded in a secure manner that would prevent its further processing or unauthorized use or disclosure.


MRWD reserves the right to modify, amend, or supplement this Policy at any time to keep up with any changes in relevant laws and regulations and the data subject hereby agrees that this policy may be amended and varied and the account terms hereof from time to time and that, upon notification of such amended Data Privacy Policy, the contents thereof shall similarly amend, vary, and supplement such account terms and conditions, agreements and/or arrangements aforesaid with effect from the date specified in such amended Data Privacy Policy, and without prejudice to the foregoing, the use or continued use by the data subject of any of the services of MRWD after such change shall also be deemed as his/her acceptance and agreement to the same. Nothing in this Data Privacy Policy shall limit the rights of data subjects under the Data Privacy Act.


Data Protection Officer Contact Details:

Telephone No. : (036)-6210044 local 500

Email Address: [email protected]