Balara, Quezon City – The Metro Roxas Water Districts’ Interim Board of Directors (IBOD) and General Manager (GM) had an opportunity to meet and seek the audience of Acting Administrator Salvador C. Ner of the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) last 15 July 2011 during its IBOD Meeting at LWUA. It was an opportune time for the IBOD and the GM not only to meet the new Acting LWUA Administrator in person but as well as to be informed of the up-dates on the plans and programs of the LWUA under his administration. “With our IBOD in attendance, it was a great conversation with Hon. Salvador C. Ner.  He is very professional, promising and vibrant, LWUA must have been grateful of his lead”, GM Delgado said.

L-R: IBOD Chairman Engr. Antonio A. Magtibay, Atty. Ma. Elena R. Te (IBOD), LWUA Acting Administrator Hon. Salvador C. Ner, Atty. Lolita A. Quisumbing (IBOD), Engr. Antonio A. Balgos (IBOD), MRWD General Manager Gonzalo Glen B. Delgado and Engr. Enrique C. Gita (IBOD)
An account of the LWUA’s purpose for its institution affords the vital role LWUA plays in the local water districts. The Presidential Decree No. 198 or “The Provincial Water Utilities Act of 1973” promulgated on May 25, 1973 provided for the creation of the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA). It is Government Owned and Controlled Corporation with specialized lending function which has the mandate to promote and oversee the development of water supply systems in provincial cities and municipalities outside the Metropolitan Manila. Since its establishment, it has helped in making local water utilities to be self-sustaining and self-reliant institution by extending financial, technical and regulatory assistance necessary to effect the delivery of quality service to the Districts clientele.

Indeed, the “LWUA-Water District Concept” of revolutionizing water supply provision in the countryside has been self-evidently manifested in the development of Metro Roxas Water District. Much of its progress in so far as water supply system improvement and expansion, corporate management, and the technical efficiency can be attributed with the LWUA’s comprehensive support programs. This concept of support system between MRWD and LWUA has ensured the sustainable and efficient water service delivery in the service areas of the former.