ROXAS CITYMRWD’s Interim Board of Directors (IBOD) on its meeting held last January 25, 2013 has approved thru IBOD Resolution No. 06, Series 2013, the Management’s proposal for a newsletter coined: “MRWD NEWSLETTER – The Official Publication of the Metro Roxas Water District”. The proposed printed medium is a concept sets up to further reinforce the information-dissemination of the water utility. The proposal is devised to work alongside with the District’s official website, intended to reach those non-web users.

Both the IBOD and the Management acknowledge the benefits that can be derived from the aforesaid proposal in so far as business marketing strategy is concerned. Thus, catering the need to stay connected with clients; opening business opportunities thru products and services promotion and referrals; and establishing company’s credibility in one’s business field of expertise are the goals the newsletter seeks to achieve for the District.

The said initiative contemplates to bring the District much closer to people through a quarterly published publication focusing on the operations and services of the MRWD. The newsletter will feature editorial column; news updates on the District’s activities, programs and projects; consumer’s guide; and other relevant articles to address various customer-service oriented concerns.

As the IBOD has already indicated a green light for the proposal, the MRWD concessionaires and the general public may expect soon the launching of newsletter’s initial issue by first quarter this year.