Roxas City – February 12, 2013, Tuesday, the Metro Roxas Water District Management was invited to attend the Roxas City Council meeting specifically for the purpose of providing the honorable body an update on the District’s operations and services. The MRWD Team headed by its General Manager, Gonzalo Glen Delgado has presented before the Council the 2008 to 2012 actual water supply and demand and its projections for the years 2013 to 2020. Significant in the Team’s presentation is the consideration for additional water treatment plant to augment the projected water demand in the near future. Based on the projection, this scenario is expected to set in by the year 2017 when water production requirement levels the production capacity of the existing water treatment plant in Panitan, and will consequently exceed the Plant’s capacity years thereafter.

city-council-meeting2In the light of the said presentation, honorable members of the City Council were given a bird’s eye view of the coming trend for the District’s business condition in those times. As a “would be” water shortage situation is likely to appear by then, the same has raised concern of the Council. Accordingly, apprehensions on the matter were cleared out as the Team indicated for its contingency measures in order to sustain the ample supply of water. It further manifested that the District is taking a pro-active approach in meeting these challenges set before the water utility while stressing out its initiative to resort to no loan or other economic burden as much as possible in catering these predicaments. Also discussed in the presentation were the recent service connection application fees and charges and other customer-service related concerns made thru the Council.

GM Delgado during the Roxas City Council Meeting
At the end of the presentation, GM Delgado has expressed its appreciation on behalf of the District for the City Council’s unwavering support to the water utility’s programs and endeavors. Indeed, MRWD is humbly honored to be working hand-in-hand with the City’s legislative body in the service of the people of Capiz. It was also a delight for the District having received the affirmation by the Council relative the prompt and efficient action done during the water supply dilemma caused by the typhoon Quinta.

(Also in attendance were Division Managers for the Accounting, Budget and Cash, Customer Service, Planning and Design, Construction and Maintenance, Quality Control, Operations and Maintenance, District’s Information Officer and personnel from the Office of the General Manager).