Post-chlorination is applied at the clear well for final disinfection of the filtered water and a pH correction chemical is added when required. The filtered and treated water is stored in a Treated Water Reservoir (TWR) and Pump House. To monitor water quality, the Turbidity Analyzer, pH Analyzer, Chlorine Residual Analyzer are installed at the TWR and a Water Level Transmitter is also installed to monitor quantity of water at the TWR, all data are transmitted at the OIT. Potable water is supplied to service areas in Panitan through 1-duty & 1-standby, 2-50 Hp Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Vertical Turbine Pumps and to Arcabalo/Lawaan reservoirs, more or less elevation 60 meters, through 2-duty & 1-standby, 3-250 Hp Vertical Turbine Pumps utilizing a 600-mm Transmission Pipeline.2-duty & 1-standby, 3-30 Hp Vertical Turbine Backwash Pumps transmit water during filtering media backwashing.