The SGRC acts as filter for the sand and silt and reduces raw water Turbidity by 10 to 20 percent. The Digital Conductivity Analyzer along with its Electrodeless Conductivity Sensor are installed at the SGRC to monitor the saline content of raw water and when the conductivity measures 2,000 micro Siemens/cm or more (too salty for human consumption) and when the control is set to PLC mode, any running Intake Submersible Pump will be automatically shut-off. A Digital Turbidity Analyzer is also installed at SGRC to monitor raw water turbidity and the data is transmitted to the OIT and Circular Chart Turbidity Recorder (CCTR). The WTP was designed to handle 300 NTU of raw water turbidity. However, it is able to treat raw water with more than 10 times its rated capacity and still able to reduce it to less than 1 NTU after clarified water passes through the filtration system.