The system starts in the IS where raw water from Panay River enters through a coarse bar screen to prevent large debris and through a fine screen to further prevent entrance of smaller solids before it is pumped by 2-duty & 1-standby, 3 – 75 Hp Submersible Pumps, to the Sand and Grit Removal Chamber through a 250 mm steel pipe. Each submersible pump is equipped with Moisture Detection and Thermal Protection Circuits. A float switch is also installed to shut it off in case the Intake Pump House (IPH) runs dry. In case of emergency, each Submersible Pump is provided with Emergency Push-Button Switch installed above the concrete slab directly over it.

Three (3) Digital Level Transmitters (DLT) are installed at the IS to monitor the water level at the River, at the Screen Differential and inside the IPH. At a certain low raw water level and when the control is set to Programmable Logic Circuit (PLC) mode, any running 75 Hp Submersible Pump will be shut off automatically. The River and Screen Differential DLT serve as monitors for the Operator Interface Terminal (OIT).